Hunan LED-Thing Technology
  • ContactJoJo
  • Phone86-186-70010620
  • Address2nd Floor Complex Building, No.1 Nan Shan Road, Changsha,Hunan

Quality Control

We have our own Quality Control Dept., and will do below test procedures.

1) Pure handmade from fabric cut,sew,add the light to product finished.

2) Each led lights are welded by machine first, and then welded by human second.

3) Will test Led Light Strip first before add it into costume

4) Testing on Led Costume second times, time last around 1-2 days

1) The Company License 

2) Patent on Programmable Led Equipment

3) Patent on Led Light Strip

4) Patent on Led Shoe Cover

5) Patent on Led Fiber Optic Luminous Costume


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